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So, I decided to postpone watching the NASCAR Michigan race today in order to watch at least the first part of the F1 United States Grand Prix, taking place in Indianapolis today.

The GP is the only race I haven't attended at the Brickyard, but it's on the "to do" list with my brother-in-law sometime.

I'm glad it wasn't today.

I was shocked and aghast to see half the field pull off and PARK THEIR CARS in the garages after the obligatory parade lap.

Six cars competed in the US Grand Prix. Six.

(And Schumacher won. What a screaming shock.)

To learn more about the brouhaha, check out this SI story. This takes "tire wars" to a whole new level.

I have several thoughts, beyond sheer annoyance, at this whole scheme:

  • I don't blame those fans at all for walking out, booing, or throwing things in digust. I would have left after 10 laps as well.
  • I bet Tony George had a few choice words for the FIA, and for the teams involved.
  • I can't believe Michelin can't manufacture a tire that will hold up. I can't believe they didn't see problems on the horizon. I mean, it's not as if F1 is a multimillion dollar enterprise with sound investments in their future or anything.
  • I can't believe this is all over a chicane. Mostly because chicane is one of my favorite.words.ever.
  • I can't imagine how sick those drivers must have felt to get out of their cars and have to walk away because of "team orders". They just want to race. You know they do.
  • I wonder if F1 will return to Indy in the future. If nothing else, this display has better insured that F1 will never be a force in America and what fans they had cultivated as probably as disgusted and annoyed as this occasional fan. They may have just cut off their nose to spite their face when it comes to the (potentially lucrative) American market.

I think David Coulthard (Britain) said it best from the racer's point of view:

"I feel terrible. I have a sick feeling in my stomach," David Coulthard said after pulling out of the race. "I am embarrassed to be a part of this. The reality is that mature adults were not able to come to a resolution that would have allowed us to put on the show that everybody wants to see in Formula One. It is a very sad day for this sport. I am so, so sorry for what we've done."

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Anonymous said...

I don't have time to say much more than... David Coulthard is my new hotty-er, hero. ;-)