Depeche Mode


Depeche Mode have announced details of a massive European tour for 2006.

The tour, their first in four years, will be to promote their as-yet-untitled new album, due around the same time. Prior to the European dates, the band will play a six-week tour of North America.

I have loved Depeche Mode since I was 15.

Seeing them in concert was one of the best nights of my life.

I lust for Dave Gahan.

Rare is a day that I don't listen to at least one DM song.

This new geeks me more than you can imagine.

It freaks me out that I found this article while playing...you guessed it...Depeche Mode.

I think we need a celebratory picture of Hot Dave Gahan (tm):

This teenie moment brought to you courtesy of Marissa. And now back to your regular programming...

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