Ref Grunt

Best reference questions we've had this week...

How do you convert square yards into tons?

This one took hours. First we had to determine what was being compacted (sludge), and then if it was here in Indiana (it was). And whether this conversion was possible (eventually). After a lot of digging, we determined it to be 3 square yards = 1 ton.

How do you get rid of crawdads in your yard?

First off, I didn't know you could GET crawdads in your yard, unless you lived near a river in the Bayou. But you can. Just in case you need to know: drain any standing water. Call the DNR. Or tempt them with raw bacon. Seriously.


Caller: "Is a tomato a fruit or a vegetable?"

Me: "Fruit."

Caller: "Thanks!"

Missing person case?

We had a situation involving what was being described as a missing person case - the caller was from out of state, and was gathering numbers to try and locate her daughter. She needed reverse directory lookups, gas station pay phone numbers, hospital emergency room phone numbers, street addresses, police station numbers, city directories, and more.

We spoke to her half a dozen times, and then never heard back after the last call. We've spent all week wondering if she found her daughter, if it had a happy ending. That's the saddest part about reference - not knowing how things resolved. Did they find her? Did the crawdads get taken away? Did someone win a bet about a tomato? I love answering questions, but I always wonder how the answers changed that person's day...or their life.

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Jackie said...

Oh yeah, crawdads are fixtures in yards all over Oklahoma. Or at least, in NE OK! When I was a kid, I used to sit by their little holes in the yard waiting to see if they'd come out! *sigh* I miss those days. LOL. Your job sounds like mine. I work at a city paper, so I take lots of calls from people looking for someone, etc. That was hard to handle when we got hit by Hurricane Charley last year.