Quote of the Night

"A desk is a dangerous place from which to watch the world." - John Le Carre

I think it is time for me to heed this advice.

Get out and find things to write about. To be passionate about. To see through new eyes.

I think it's time to start scratching items off my "29 things to do in my 29th year" list.

(The tarot reading I got for my birthday from my girl Nat will help eliminate one *smile*)

I think it's time to stop worrying about deadlines or problems, and start embracing the things I haven't seen, really seen, for a while. Tonight, I should have been cleaning the house, getting ready for Relay for Life, going through my work mail that I should have brought home, working on a column for the newspaper, or answering about 50 emails.

What did I do instead?

Sat on my new porch swing, had a picnic dinner, read trashy magazines and books, and watched the sun go down.

Seeing things, appreciating the little things, with new eyes.

Maybe vacation helped remind me of that.


Or maybe it was the phone call from one of my dearest friends.

I laughed and laughed. I smiled until my cheeks hurt. I wanted so badly to be where he is so we could hug and laugh and catch up without the crackle and hiss of a phone line. So I could hear quotes like this in person:

"You are the only person I can laugh about tragedy with."

True, true, my friend. :-)

(And start blogging, dammit!)

Time to start the clock on seeing the world...

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