Prep by Curtis Sittenfeld

I had really high expectations of this novel, after reading blurbs on the cover from folks like Tom Perrota and Wally Lamb.

Not so much.

Maybe I've been reading too many YA novels lately, but this just felt like a much longer, more explicit YA novel with slightly upped language. I hated the main character, I found myself wanting to skim to the ending, and the whole book felt totally unresolved - as though she hadn't learned a damn thing.

Lee Fiora is a scholarship student at an exclusive boarding school in New England - the books follows her four years of isolation, confusion and coping with the world of private school.

In the end, she didn't cope, she didn't branch out, and she didn't seem to grow much as a character. I just didn't like her one bit. Maybe she was to be ironic, but I just read her as plain annoying.

About the only thing I did like was the cover. ;-)

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