The Lake House

The Lake House by James Patterson

I've never read Patterson (except for the awful Sam's Letters to Jennifer), so I wanted to grab another book to give it a whirl.

This novel details six extraordinary children as they struggle to lead normal lives, despite extrordinary danger and a powerful connection to each other. They all long to return to the lake house - the home where they had lived with their trusted adult allies, Frannie and Kit.

Patterson's story is original, well paced and entertaining - though the abruptness and resolution of the story left me a bit cold. I'm curious how this story correlates with Patterson's new YA novel, Maximum Ride.

All in all, a good, suspenseful story...

Note: I listened to the audio edition, narrated by Hope Davis and Stephen Lang, who both did a great job. The music scores really added to the suspense and production of the audiobook.

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Anonymous said...

It doesn't really. I've read Maximum Ride and Patterson states in the beginning of the novel that you might recognize Max and the other kids from The Lake House and When The Wind Blows but that is about where the similarities end as far as the stories.

I loved Maximum Ride btw. I was surpised it turned out to be a YA novel but it was still great. :-)