Jybe Findings

Thanks to the ever-gracious Carrie, I was able to test out Jybe tonight!

For the uninitiated, Jybe allows folks to surf simultaneously and chat within the same window. Lots of libraries have jumped on the idea of using Jybe for collaborative learning, distance learning, online reference, training sessions and in my case...helping walk my parents through something on the internet visually instead of over the phone. You haven't lived until you've tried to explain the inner workings of booking a ticket online with a parent who isn't quite as tech saavy as his daughter. ;-)

Findings...took a bit of acrobatics to make it work on both our computers, and then to figure out who has control of the scrolling and surfing when the session isn't "locked". We also tried to figure out what the other could see, and not see during our surfing. We had to be careful not to "step" on each other's surfing in the open session, but otherwise we got a bead on it. Overall, I think it has cool potential!

Wanna see what it looks like, and what *quality* conversations we were having? Wonder now more...

That's a teachable moment. ;-)

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