Booked By 3 for May

Asked by Shelly...

1. How? How do you find books to read? Reviews? Recommendations? Favorite Authors? Other?

I find my books by a combination of sources - primarily from the mountain of review materials I read each week in doing book selection for my library. Publisher's Weekly, LJ, circulars, anything.

I also have my favorite authors that I watch for, and request before anyone else - I'm a bit territorial that way. ;-)

I swap a lot of reviews with colleagues, and my friend Nat and I seem to read the same titles with the same reactions, so she's always a great gauge for whether I'll like the book (except for that damn Pat Conroy book *wink*).

To be honest, I'm also a sucker for packaging - if it has an interesting cover, a great first line, a captivating blurb on the jacket...I'm there. I can't tell you how many books I've picked up solely on the thought "Wow, that's a GREAT cover". Not all of them are winners, but a lot of them have been...

2. Where? Where do you get your books? Independent bookstores? Chain stores? Online? Library?

Library, library, library. It's hard to beat - books I selected, right on the shelf, and free to take home! Whee!

If it's something superspecial that I want to own for myself, I'll order it from Amazon.

3. When? Or more accurately, how often? How many books on average do you get or buy each month?

I'm not sure of an average for this year so far, but here were my stats from last year's roundup:

Number of books read in 2004: 160
Number of books read in 2003 (for comparison): 117
Average of books read per month: 13
Average of books read per week: 3
Daily average: 1 book read every 2.2 days
Percent of fiction read: 69%
Percent of nonfiction read: 31%

And there you have it!

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ShellyS said...

Wow, you read a lot. I wish I had the time, but since I started writing and blogging, I don't. :) Thanks for playing.