Vanishing Acts

Vanishing Acts by Jodi Picoult

How fitting that I read Picoult's new novel, just as I prepare to discuss My Sister's Keeper in our book discussion group next week.

I once again stand in awe of Picoult's evocative topics, amazing writing, character development and the ability to pull me immediately into a story and never let go. She is the writer I wish I could be.

Delia Hopkins leads a charmed life - fiance, beautiful daughter, doting father and a rewarding job. When a police officer knocks on her door and announces that her father is being arrested for kidnapping, she is shocked. He kidnapped HER.

I again enjoyed this Picoult novel, and highly recommend any of her titles - they are all beautifully written and all have a twist at the end that will wrench emotion for you. Excellent.

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