Sucker for Surveys...

You know I'm a sucker for surveys about inane details of our life, so here goes...

I love the feel of:
1. snuggling underneath my feather duvet with my head on a goosedown pillow
2. backscratches and shoulder massages
3. cashmere


I love the smell of:
1. garlic and onions cooking in butter
2. Drakkar Noir
3. really old books

I love the sound of:
1. Dave Gahan's (Depeche Mode) voice
2. metal golf cleats on asphalt
3. All 43 Nextel Cup Series cars taking the green flag for the first time

I love the taste of:
1. pizza!
2. Koodie Hoo's cheeseburgers on Texas Toast
3. (almost) anything my mother cooks

A day to myself and I would:
1. read the mountain of books next to my bed
2. surf the 'net and chat with friends
3. allow myself the pleasure of not feeling guilty for not doing something productive

I'd love a shopping spree at:
1. Target
2. Pottery Barn
3. J. Jill

Something I do (nearly) every day:
1. read before I go to sleep
2. check my email
3. put my contacts in

Something I wish I could do:
1. have enough money to never worry about money again
2. travel without worry of money, jobs, home - see Italy, Greece, Japan, New Zealand, France, the Carribbean...
3. never have another migraine

Gifts I'd love to get:
1. a cashmere sweater
2. a personal trainer to kick my ass every.single.day.
3. a gift card to any of the above stores

Now I'm going to...
1. go to the big city to visit Wal-Mart
2. think about taking a shower first
3. decide which new recipe to try this weekend

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