NIN Countdown

In the continued countdown to the release of the NIN album, With Teeth, on Tuesday, a few more NIN related news bits...

  • You can preview the album in its entirety right here. How cool is THAT?
  • Trent has released a mixable copy of "The Hand That Feeds" and is encouraging people to mix it up, mash it up, and go to town on it. How cool is THAT??
  • To that end, the best I've heard so far mixes THTF and, wait for it...Ghostbusters. Seriously. It's amazing. Give it a listen (via Nathan Chase)
  • Pink is the New Blog (one of my favorite sites, y'all!) has a pic of Trent's latest 'do. I still think he's hot.
  • And finally, an article about Trent being depressed. I'm sure that's comes as a screaming shock to many. Sad story, though. Perhaps a trip to N'awlins is in order to cheer him up, Jen? ;-)

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