New Shows

This is a sentence I never thought I would type all those years ago when Wings and Loverboy were on my radar screen:

Tim Daly and Patrick Dempsey are the slickest, sexiest, cutest boys to hit our televisions all season.

If you haven't caught episodes of Eyes or Grey's Anatomy yet, do so. They are smart, funny, sexy, and fun - quality television in a reality-TV driven world.

Did I mention they both look hot?

I probably mentioned that.

Joe Hackett and the guy from Can't Buy Me Love. Weird.

(Another nice sighting - Isabel from Roswell is on GA! Rock!)


Jalehlabad said...

I have been watching Eyes since it comes on after Alias. Got to say, it's pretty good. And you are right about that Tim Daly; he's a cutie.

Lisa said...

I would walk over hot coals for Patrick Dempsey. Yes indeed. ;)

Anonymous said...

Patrick and his character are nice, oh yes. But I still love TR Knight/George the bestest. I love goofy guys. What can I say? *blushes*