ILF Recap

I attended the Indiana Library Federation conference last week, and came away with mixed feelings. While the exhibit hall was fruitful (despite the 4873450873450 architectural firms there), my sessions were half and half. Half were relatively staid and failed to pump me up, but a couple were absolutely fab!

For example, I had the pleasure of seeing the fantabulous Maire give a presentation on one of my pet topics, IM Reference, and I got to see Rock Star Michael Stephens speak not once, but twice!

Alas, I was the geek in the back of the room raising my hand constantly during his Technolust presentation, but in a good geek way - I think. RSS? Blog for the library? Read Pew? Know about iPods in libraries? Have WiFi? Read other librarian blogs? Know about library toolbars? Check. That was very reaffirming, to say the least. We're a small library, but we're mighty!

Of all the presentations I attended, these two were the only to really pump me up and make me excited to come home and get things cooking in the library. Woohoo!

Had a good discussion with my director regarding IM Reference this week, which was encouraging as a starting point. Let's see where we go from here...

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