I Need Your Help

I sent this email out this week to as many friends and family as I could. Because it's so important to me, I thought I would repost it here. If you have a few dollars to spare, please consider sponsoring me. Thank you. :-)


As you know, I've been a huge supporter of the American Cancer Society since my mother's fight with Inflammatory Breast Cancer six years ago. She underwent a radical mastectomy, chemotherapy, radiation and even a stem cell transplant in her battle with cancer.

This year, she is once again battling a form of breast cancer, and even as I type this, is recovering from the effects of chemotherapy. In June she will once again begin a regimen of radiation, and then we hope to be celebrating years and years of being cancer free.

I'm proud not only of her amazing ability to fight, to heal, and to beat this cancer, but to once again be the Team Captain for the Alexandrian Public Library's Relay for Life Team!

Can you imagine a more stirring captain than La Femme Marissa?

I thought not. ;-)

I've been pumping up my team to get ready to walk, to raise money for the ACS, and to have a rip roarin' good time! We've assembled baskets to raffle off, sewn a quilt to sell "chances" for, and are generally ready to rock the track this year! As for myself, I've been staying up late in preparation for pulling an all-nighter for this all day (and all night) event on June 4th. But there's only one way that's going to happen.

With your help.

There's no way I'll be motivated to walk around the track at 3:12 in the morning unless I have some pledges backing me up!

This is where you come in. :-)

With your contributions, we can raise money for a great cause, help me and my team meet our goal, and give Marissa motivation to stay awake, walk in circles for long amounts of time, and generally annoy her co-workers. I do that now, but this won't be on company time. ;-)

Here's the best part - you can donate online!

*listens to the gasps from the onlooking crowd*

You can make a secure online contribution right from my Personal Donation Page by clicking on the link below. If you prefer to mail your contribution to me, that's fine too. :-) I just want to raise oodles of money and impress everyone in TinyTown with my bankable friends. ;-)

Thank you for your support (and your dollars) in an event that is so close to my heart.

You are my stars.



Follow This Link to visit my personal web page and help me in my efforts to support Relay For Life of Mt. Vernon...


Anonymous said...

Good luck Marissa! I've donated money to a group of people that are doing it here at school. And a few of my friends and I decided we're going to form a team and walk next year. Have fun, and I hope you reach your goal!

Anonymous said...

Good luck, girl! Since my dad passed away in January from lung cancer, I joined the RFL team at work and have raised almost 200% of my goal (and ALL of it from co-workers!)

God bless you! :-)

Marissa said...

Thanks, you guys! I'm so glad to hear you are both involved, or getting involved next year! That's wonderful! :-)

JW, my thoughts are with you...