The Problem with Murmur Lee...

The Problem with Murmur Lee by Connie May Fowler
I can't describe this book, nor can I tell you what I liked about it, except to say I really did enjoy it.

Though this borrows elements from other books (like The Lovely Bones), this book is fresh and original, written with so many voices and so many points of view. It's fairly short (barely 200 pages) but captivating.

If you have a few hours, read this wonderfully written novel.

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Lisa said...

Hi, Marissa! This sounds like a great read. I'm always up for something fresh (and relatively short) to cleanse my palate of all this heavy-duty academic reading!

Thanks, too, for the computer advice on my blog! I'm SO happy to hear you have a thing for desk tops, too!!!! I thought maybe that was just me, lol. I've been feeling pressured to buy a laptop, but really...why? I'm going to schlepp on over to dell.com right now for some window, err, screen-shopping. :)