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I've been the sole contributor to the APL blog since its inception (also led by yours truly), and I really have a good time deciding what to post for our patrons. Some of it is serious, some of it is silly, and some of it is pretty straightforward. Just for kicks (and to prove that I'm not just wasting time at work by updating), I decided to do the "Google for Your Ego" thing on our blog.

(You know, where you search for yourself on Google. Admit it, you've done it too.)

I got some really nice hits that made my day!

Alexandrian Public Library. One of the dozen blogging librarians at Saint Joseph County Public Library, South Bend, Indiana, told me today of good weblog from a smallish library, Alexandrian Public Library, in Mount Vernon, Indiana. Dig the cool background, but most of all dig the way the writers are trying out ways to serve their community. Complete with an Atom feed! --Weblogs in Higher Education

Thanks, you cool kids at SJCPL!

Blogs are a great way to get information out to your users. Many public libraries are using blogs as news sites, introduce new books for readers advisory, patron events and information, etc. For example Bensenville Public Library -Readers Advisory for New Fiction is a blog guiding readers to new books. The Alexandrian Public Library - What's happening at their library, is more than just about news at the library it has general information that patrons might want to know, such as recent blog entry on voter registration and links to sites regarding the various issues. --The Krafty Librarian

Hey! Thanks, Krafty!

We were even cited in a presentation about blogs given at the Michigan Library Association fall conference! Nice!

You may not be an APL patron, but you should subscribe to our feed. It would make my day to see more subscribers in Bloglines!

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