Book Review: Callgirl

Callgirl by Jeannette Angell

Angell's book is exactly what you expect from the title and the cover...the story of her double life. After an ex-boyfriend wiped out her savings,she became a college lecturer by day and callgirl by night.

Angell makes the point over and over that she was highly educated, dispassionate about her "work", and needed the money. The book discusses her work (with all the expected lurid details), drug usage, sad stories of other girls, and her ultimate decision to quit.

The book was like a car wreck - you just couldn't look away. I found myself really disliking Angell, which made it hard to sympathize or really reach out to her as the main "character". The subject matter is always shocking and controversial, but this is certainly a new look at the typical "hooker".

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