I received a copy of Keri Smith's Living Out Loud for Christmas from my sister.

Within this book packed with inspiration and fun, I found a story Keri related about creating a list of "30 things to do in my 30th year".

I found myself inspired to create a similiar list, but substituting 30 for 28.

Seemed logical, since I'll only be 28 this year.

I'm still adding to the list in these first few weeks of 2004, and I seem to cover the gamut of "things to do", listing everything from "walk on a beach" to "become a more active librarian in our professional organizations" to "host a dinner party" to "take more risks".

The most significant thus far has been "take more risks" in conjunction with "do something more with my writing".

Somehow, having those words on a list in front of me has jumpstarted my creativity. I've found myself writing varied essays and prose pieces, brainstorming ideas as I try to fall asleep, and even jotting down phrases as I'm working at the library.

And best yet...I've taken a new step.

I've been slowly, and with shaking fingers, submitting my work to various e-zines in the hopes that even one piece will be accepted, that even one piece will make me feel that I can write more than NASCAR fanfiction or library memos.

I've always believed in my heart that I can write, but I seem to need the consant reassurance that other folks think so too.

Today, that above resolution to do more has become a little more clear.

Today, I got my first acceptance to be published within an e-zine called "All Things Girl" in their upcoming issue.

Talk about a reassuring shot in the arm.

It's only one piece, one short piece of writing, one jumble of written words, but it means the world to me.

It means I might be able to do this, and be good at it. It might mean more people will read what I have to say. It might even mean that people will want to read more of it.

Today has been a good day.

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